wedding venueA wedding reception is a special celebration that is held after a ceremony at the wedding venue. Receptions may include traditions and rituals but they also have dancing, music, and meals. But have you ever wondered why the party after a couple officially ties the knot is referred to as a reception? The term means the process or action of receiving something. But how is it related to getting married?

A reception is held to welcome all the guests who attended your wedding. It’s where the couple receive their friends and family, the community, for the first time as a married couple. It also applies the other way around. It is the time when the community receive the couple as an official married couple.

Reception Origins

Before, weddings were simple. Up until World War II, wedding celebrations took place in the home of the bride and the style of the reception relied on the financial standing of the family. This applied to the western culture. A fancy ball were for wealthier family while an afternoon luncheon and tea were commonly held by middle class families.

Later on, dance halls started to grow in popularity and more and more people were included in the guest list. The bride and the groom could invite as many as they want because their guest list was no longer limited by the size of their house. Wherever they held the reception, there’s a receiving line that would greet the guests. The newlyweds, parents, and host would greet each guest.

Wedding Today

These days wedding receptions are different. They take place in hotel ballrooms, community halls, church halls, and wedding venues Myrtle Beach.

For those who wish to have a smaller wedding reception, they can do it in a restaurant in Myrtle Beach or in a backyard.

However, the receiving line’s popularity faded over time. The receiving line has been replaced by the grand entrance of the newlyweds as presented by a wedding DJ or a wedding band.

Food for the Wedding

When it comes to wedding food, the culture is one significant factor that should be considered. In most cases, a three course meal is served during the wedding reception. It is comprised of salad, main course, and dessert. Buffets are also common. It all boils down to the couple’s taste.

Later on, the newlyweds will cut the first piece of cake feed each other a bite. Wedding cakes are often multi-tiered cakes, carefully designed to match the motif of the wedding. Some couples nowadays, prefer to cut costs and opt for a fake display cake.

Dancing and Entertainment

During the last century, dancing has become a free for all instead of the traditional dances that were used to be performed in the past. Modern weddings include the first dance of the newlyweds and dances with parents. Meanwhile, choreographed dances are also becoming increasing popular. A DJ or a band provides the entertainment.

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