wedding venueIf you are planning to get married soon, one of the first big decisions you’ll need to make is to choose the perfect wedding venue. Given that, it can be quite concerning once you realize that you and your loved one are not on the same page about where you want the big day to be held. When you have finally had the chance to discuss it, you will most likely wind up coming to a compromise that both of you feel good about. Still, choosing a wedding location when the two of you have different things in mind may need some late-night conversations and brainstorming so you could reach a mutual decision. To help you with that, here are a few tips to get you through this first important stage of wedding planning.

What Are Your Priorities?

Do you and your spouse have the same priorities? In case your top three priorities don’t match, you’ll both find it hard to agree on anything when you’re planning your wedding. You need to be on the same page. Do both of you want to have a dance party? Or is it important for your elderly grandparents to be there on your big day? Is the food important to both of you? When you have finalized the list of your priorities, you could revisit it every once in a while to check which wedding venues or locations match the priorities that you both share.

Is The Wedding Venue The Issue?

You might want to ask the opinion of others if part of your disagreement is about the physical location. For instance, if you wish to host the wedding in your hometown and your fiancé prefers a destination wedding, then you should talk to your friends and family members about which one they could attend. You might be surprised by their answers, which could help you come up with a decision.

Good Compromise

In case both of you are crazy about different wedding venues, find out if you can compromise and use one for the welcome party, rehearsal dinner, brunch, or bachelorette or bachelor party. In case that is not an option, then determine if one could work as a venue for a honeymoon or anniversary celebration.

Do You Have Doubts?

If you and your spouse to be can’t agree on a wedding venue Myrtle Beach, perhaps you haven’t found the perfect location yet. If you’ve already looked at several venues and can’t still find the right one, it could be helpful to create a rating system so that both of you can chart out what you like and don’t like about each option. A simple task like this could help you with your discussions since it will help you weigh the benefits and drawbacks of every venue together. Additionally, this will make the process more practical and less emotional.

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