wedding venueThere are a lot of questions you need to ask before hiring a vendor or booking a wedding venue. These include asking how many weddings they do in a day or a year, if they have people working for them, or what kind of equipment they use. It’s not that they aren’t great questions. It’s just that they’re not the right ones. Listed below are some things you need to ask before booking a wedding venue.

Right Questions To Ask Before Booking A Wedding Venue

What’s The Wedding Timeline: Ceremony, Cocktail Hour, Reception?

This is crucial especially if you are planning to have a church ceremony. Most wedding venues Myrtle Beach can only offer an early ceremony/mass time, which could leave a long gap between the ceremony and cocktail of at least 3 hours. Given that, you need to start planning the timeline for your wedding day.

What Time Would You Want to End The Event?

Most couples want their wedding reception to last until 10pm. But this may not apply to you due to some limiting factors. For instance, if the wedding venue only offers a 5 hour open bar and your ceremony is set at 4pm, followed by cocktail hour at 4:30pm, then your even would have to close the bar at 9:30pm. If you want the party to end later than that then you should rethink the time of your ceremony.

How Many Guests Will You Have?

Tell your potential wedding venue how many guests you want to invite. Make sure that all your guests will fit on the venue since the 80/20 rule of the RSVPs seems to no longer apply and it is highly possible that more than 80% of your guest list will be on your big day. It is better to overestimate so you won’t have problems once the final RSVPs come in.

Is It Important For Your Guests To Eat In The Same Area?

Ask the wedding venue to give you their layout for your ideal guest count. A few venues might say that they can make it work once you get your final list of guests. They could also tell you that it may look different for your big day. In case you prefer a sweetheart table, head table, all longs, or all rounds, you have to see if the guest tables are going to fit. In case your vision doesn’t fit, then it’s sure that your guest list won’t, too, and you have to look for another venue or cut your guest list. You have to be persistent because you definitely won’t like the results of “making it work.” Ask for a sample of the layout first before signing the contract.

What Is Your Budget For The Venue?

Tell the potential wedding venue like The Brentwood Restaurant & Wine Bistro what your budget for them is. Don’t tell them your budget for the entire wedding.

What’s The Backup Plan For Rain? Does it Cost Extra?

Backup plans are necessary especially when it comes to setting up a wedding because it requires several hours to complete. In case there’s inclement weather in the hours that lead up to your big day, you may have to use your back up location, as long as your first choice was an outdoor wedding venue.

Do You Have Time To Set It Up?

It takes at least 3 hours to set up for an event. You need to ask the wedding venue if that is possible. And be always clear that all chairs and tables have to be in place so the vendors that you’ve hired could also do their jobs.

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