wedding venueWedding planning can be stressful; between looking for a wedding venue, managing expectations, time, and money, most engaged couples are all set to argue at one point or another. You can deal with the stress if you know what’s causing it. Listed below are five people who will give you stress and how you can take care of them.

Wedding Vendors

These people want to earn and some of them want to earn more by pressuring you to take the more expensive option. Make sure that you have a budget and follow it. In case you are tempted to take what they’re offering that’s more expensive, you should be able to say quickly that, “That’s not in my budget, I need to return home and check if I could move a few things around and I’ll get back to you.” Once you are home, it will be much easier for you to determine if you need the extra option or if it is merely an expensive addition.

Bickering or Divorced Friends or Family Members

There are two reasons why these people would stress you out when planning your wedding. First, you are thinking how they would act during your big day. Second, you’re afraid that you might end up like one of them ten years after you tie the knot.

Talk to them and say that you are glad that they’re attending your wedding. Ask them if they can do you a favour by not fighting because you want your wedding day to focus on love. Ask them if they can be civil for just one day.

In case they still bicker during your wedding, you will most likely be busy with something else and that means you won’t notice them doing such a thing. Additionally, spend some time now to make perfectly sure that you won’t end up like them. Sit down and have a serious talk with your partner. Ask him or her if she’s open to the idea of attending a prewedding counseling.

Opinion Of Others

When you are planning your wedding, there will be countless people who’ll be curious as to what you have in mind. Most of them will have their own ideas that they would like to share like having your wedding ceremony and reception at a French restaurant in Myrtle Beach. Just keep in mind that it’s you who’s going to get married and not them and that means you don’t have to listen to what the people around you think you should do.

Your Parents

There are many reasons why your parents can be the cause of stress when you are planning your wedding. They’ve been with you throughout your entire time and they most likely don’t have any plans of stopping now. Whether it is choosing a wedding venue Myrtle Beach, how big or small your budget is, or you’re not meeting their expectations, parents have a knack to cause stress when you are planning your big day.

Talk to your parents and ask if they would like to help you with the budget. Find out if they are willing to give you some money for your wedding expenses. Then, you have to convince them to agree to a specific number of guests that they wish to invite. Discuss your ideas including the wedding venue, wedding reception, decoration, and so on. You can also let your parents help you with the wedding planning by giving them something they could work on.

Each Other

This holds true for all engaged couples. The main person who will stress you when preparing for your wedding is also the one who you want to spend the rest of your life with. You might complain that your spouse-to-be isn’t helping that much or you always talk about the wedding and nothing else.

You can avoid all these by planning. Hire a wedding planner and divide the things that need to be done between you and your spouse to be. Don’t forget to create a budget since money is almost always the cause of arguments when planning a wedding.

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