wedding venueIf there’s one thing that you can’t skip when it comes to your wedding, it’s the venue. All the other aspects of your big day is optional. For instance, you can wear a suit rather than a dress. You can even forgo the wedding cake and flowers if you want to. But a wedding venue is a must. It’s a place where you, your spouse, friends, and family can gather and celebrate.

However, everyone knows that finding the perfect wedding venue is never easy. You can choose from a wide range of options from a cozy French restaurant, elegant bathroom, quiet stretch of beach, to a stunning barn.

Pick A Wedding Venue That Aligns With Your Vision

This tip may seem pretty obvious but some couples still tend to forget it. You should go for a wedding venue that fits the vision you have in your mind. If you want a contemporary wedding, you should check out art galleries, a French restaurant in Myrtle Beach, or even warehouses. On the other hand, a wedding that centers on natural elements works really well with outdoor venues like backyards, parks, and ranches. Selecting a venue that will match and enhance your wedding theme allows your wedding to be more connected to the venue.

Know Your Guest List

You should know the number of guests that you are expecting to invite before you check out wedding venues in your area. It will help save you from potential heartaches and headaches later on. For instance, if you pick out a wedding venue Myrtle Beach that is too small for the number of guests you plan to have then you’ll find yourself in a tough situation.

In many cases, couples underestimate the number of people they will invite and how many guests their parents want to add. Given that, you need to talk about your guest list early on so you’ll have a good idea of what you’re working with. This will also help you in breaking down your budget since some of the costs will rely on how many guests you’ll be having.

Remember Your Budget

The budget isn’t just about how much you need to pay for the wedding venue. There are other factors that drive up the cost like the décor as well as the floral design. You need to know what your total budget is and how much you think your design will cost. If adding that on top of the amount you need to pay for the wedding venue blows the budget out of the water, then you either have to look for a more affordable space or scale back your design. One good tip when it comes to budgeting is to break it down by category and prioritize funds for the most important vendors.

Think About Your Guests’ Experience

In case you are planning to have a destination wedding or you want to invite a lot of guests from out of town, then it’s best to search for a wedding venue that is connected to or near a hotel. You should also think about their comfort in the wedding venue. Don’t forget to ask the wedding venue how many people can fit in the space comfortably and the number of people allowed in the space according to the fire code.

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