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The public has been urged to stay at home, restrict gatherings, practicing social distancing, and observe proper and regular handwashing. Given that the virus is still spreading and most states are still in lockdown, a lot of couples have decided to postpone their wedding. If you are one of them, here are some tips to help you out.

Postponing Or Cancelling Your Wedding?

Gatherings of more than 10 people over the next 15 days in the US are discouraged. Plus lockdowns have been set in place in several states. Therefore, industry experts have suggested that weddings that were planned be postponed. Most couples are rescheduling their weddings between September and November. If you don’t want to lose your deposits especially on the wedding venue, you should consider postponing your wedding instead of cancelling the event.  

What If You Don’t Have A Wedding Planner?

The planning involved varies if you have a wedding planner or not. If you are planning a destination wedding and you don’t have a planner, you might find making decisions a bit complicated. To help you, you can ask a vendor like your wedding venue Myrtle Beach that you have the best relationship about what they’re seeing on the ground. They could provide you with insights on how you can move forward.

How To Postpone Your Wedding?

You need to make phone calls regarding the postponement of your wedding if your invitations have gone out already. If your invitations are yet to go out in the coming months, it is a good idea to include a note regarding a probable postponement or perhaps you can hold off on sending them for a few weeks.

Can You Get Your Deposit Back?

You should not expect to get your retainers or deposits back. But you can expect that your remaining balance will not be charged until new work has been established and your nuptials have been rescheduled. You must be careful when you use the world cancel when you talk to your wedding vendors. Instead, you should use the world postponements within the same year so you can repurpose the investments that you have already made in your big day.

What If Your Wedding Venue Isn’t Available For Your New Dates?

Wedding vendors want their clients to be happy. And that’s why you really don’t have to worry that the French restaurant you want as your wedding venue, band, or photographer, to name a few, won’t be available on your new dates. Your vendors will try to accommodate you as best as they can. They will try to be as flexible as they can especially in today’s trying times.

How Do You Move Forward?

The one thing that everybody can commit to during the coronavirus pandemic is to stay at home and to stay healthy. Approach the process of postponing your wedding with a level head. Find some time to stop and reboot since everyone knows that wedding preparations can be stressful and emotional and that includes postponing your big day.

As you stay at home, you can use your time wisely by planning ahead. Think about your timelines, music, and speeches, to name a few. You should also review your décor and the food, especially if you are opting for a French cuisine.

If you are looking for a wedding venue for your upcoming wedding, The Brentwood Restaurant & Wine Bistro should be on top of your list. If you already booked the wedding venue and you want to postpone, don’t hesitate to give us a call and we’ll do our best to address your concerns.

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