French RestaurantAn excellent restaurant review could point you to a new spot that’s worth visiting or one that you need to avoid at all cost. Review sites like TripAdvisor and Yelp have lots of restaurant reviews that you can browse. But once you spend more time on these websites, you will realize that not all French restaurant reviews are helpful.

You’ll find positive reviews but many of them are so vague that you’ll end up questioning their legitimacy. There are some that provide good information but are poorly written. There are also a few ones that are more like a personal rant instead of a professionally written French restaurant Myrtle Beach review.

Are you prepared to share some insights? Don’t let your review be mediocre. Here are a few tips to help you write a captivating, useful, and memorable restaurant reviews.

Structuring A Memorable French Restaurant Review

Set The Stage

Let your readers know that your review contains information that is worth reading and useful. Start the review with an enticing line that will guarantee an interesting payoff. The next thing you should do is share some context. Why did you choose to go to this restaurant? How big was the party? What time did you go? Explain the ambiance and how the waitstaff treated you.

The Main Course

If the French cuisine was great, don’t forget to explain why. Describe the appearance, texture, and flavor. Use some punchy adjectives when writing the description but don’t overdo it.

Wrap It Up

End your French restaurant review with a punchy summary. Share why other diners should or should not visit the place.

Writing A Restaurant Review

Now that you’ve been introduced to the basics, listed below are a few tips to make sure that you write captivating reviews.

Take Notes and Pictures

If you wish to pen vibrant review, you have to gather and express your thoughts while they are still fresh. Use your notebook or smartphone during your meal to write down the highlights and details of your dining experience. If you are a fan of Facebook, do a check-in and share your photos of the food and your friends. 

Be Specific

Don’t use vague words like the crème brulee was great or the service was terrible. Always provide specific details. Why was the service terrible? What made the French escartgot so great?

Be Fair

In case you have visited the restaurant like The Brentwood Restaurant & Wine Bistro several times and never had any bad experience then make sure that you include it in your review. But in the event you have had a bad dining experience, you still should to include it as well. If you are fond of eating authentic French food and decide to try fusion cuisine, don’t write a review complaining about how the food is not authentic.

Don’t Rant

Avoid ranting. A review that’s vague and emotionally laden does not carry much weight. As mentioned earlier, you have to be specific when writing a review about your experience. What made it sub-par?

In many instances the owner or manager will respond. Check back to your review and read the response. If needed, clarify or modify your review.  Eric Mason, the owner of The Brentwood Restaurant & Wine Bistro takes pride in the food, service and many details that go into your dining experience.  He would appreciate that if  there is a problem please ask for him and explain the issue before posting online.

Don’t Forget to Proofread

If you want other diners to take your post seriously, your spelling and grammar should be on point.

Did you have a wonderful dining experience at The Brentwood Restaurant & Wine Bistro? Write a review here.

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